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My name is Kerli, and I live in Surrey, UK.

Because of the name of the business (Cherly Art) often people assume that my name is Cherly or Cheryl. So that's confusing.

I know. Sorry...

The name actually dates back to my very first summer job back in Estonia, where my workmates called me 'Cherly' - which is kind of "English version" of my Estonian name. I liked the sound of it, so have used it to sign my art work ever since.


Cherly Art as a business was "officially" born in May 2017. But the idea & brand & dream had existed for at least 10 years prior to that. Art and crafts have always played a very important part in my life, since early childhood. However, all of my life I had kept it as a hobby, while completing my studies (mostly with the emphasis on math and science) and working in a completely different field (Business Analysis & IT). 

The "revelation" came after my own wedding in Dec 2016, having witnessed the work of the make-up artist and photographers. I found it incredibly inspirational that they did what they loved as their job, creating absolutely amazing masterpieces, putting their heart and soul into everything they did - and as a result making their customers really happy and pleased with the outcome. This made me realise that my life-long hobby of crafting needs to play much more important part in my life than just being a side-lined activity, which had become increasingly hard to find time for. 

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